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Junior Secondary Schools are required by the MoE to hire teachers from the secondary sectors.

Junior Secondary Schools are required by the MoE to hire teachers from the secondary sectors.

The Ministry of Education has instructed junior secondary schools (JSS) to hire senior secondary school teachers for a variety of disciplines (SSS).

Charles Ong’ondo, director of the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), claims that some JSS lack the staffing necessary to teach specific topics.

Ong’ondo said that in the interim, the county director of education has been requested to work with the heads of junior secondary schools to organize the hiring of teachers from the secondary section.

When it comes to the specific subjects, he advised the principals to contact the nearby schools via the sub-county directors’ office. This would address the problem.

According to Ong’ondo, the arrangement ought to be short-term as the Ministry works to place instructors in JSS.

“The ministry will take stock of the teachers already posted and the deficit by the end of February,” he said.

The director said in Kisumu on Tuesday that teacher postings will be finished in a week as he oversaw the delivery of books to Migosi Junior Secondary School.

He also advised parents not to switch their JSS-enrolled children to other schools without informing ministry representatives first.

Ong’ondo stated that when students are transferred suddenly, the ministry has problems.

“If you transfer a child, let it be in notification,” he stated, noting that all students in his or her schools are currently registered in the National Education Management Information System (NEMIS).

He said that by providing the notification, the ministry will be better able to budget for the amount of books and teachers that will be allotted to each school.

Charles Ang’iela, the Kisumu Central Sub County Director of Education, who was there, announced that 70% of the sub county’s students have reported to JSSs.

The goal, according to Ang’iela, is a complete switch, and they believe it will be accomplished by the end of the week.

He declared, “We will ensure that every child reports to school. The subcounty had registered 4,888 youngsters in transition from primary to junior secondary.

While they work on a replacement to adhere to the new uniforms, parents were encouraged not to worry about bringing their kids to junior secondary school in their old uniforms for the time being.

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