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KNUT Instruct P1 Teachers to Suspend Teaching JSS Unless TSC Deploys Them

KNUT Instruct P1 Teachers to Suspend Teaching JSS Unless TSC Deploys Them

The Instructors Service Commission (TSC) was planning to send P1 teachers to teach in junior secondary schools starting in January, therefore it appears that the earlier meeting between TSC officials and Teachers Union representatives was successful. If only they could fulfill the requirements:

Any of the following credentials should be met by the P1 teacher before being assigned to a junior secondary school:

1. Education diploma

2. Higher National Diploma in Education

3. Bachelors Degree in Education

4. Post Graduate Diploma in Education

5. Masters Degree or PhD in Education

All candidates must have at least two years of teaching experience and have successfully completed a secondary teacher education program.

You must receive a mean grade of C+ (plus) or above at KCSE.

KNUT instructed all P1 teachers to only teach JSS until they are deployed by the Commission, although they should not be forced to do so, according to the circular below;

This notice is for all P1 instructors.
EACH of Our PI Teachers


We am saddened by our members’ cries that they are compelled to teach in junior secondary schools. These members are pl instructors.

The news that the head teachers have already assigned Jss subjects to pl teachers has reached our office.

We are calling on ALL P1 instructors to refrain from teaching JSS unless the Commission deploys you.

If you were given the JSS class, it’s 1f by Incase. As soon as possible, give the Knut branch managers a call.

Clusters of Learning Areas for Junior Secondary Schools

Learning Areas Clusters for Junior Secondary School

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